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Poster: cream-puff-war Date: Jun 6, 2005 4:49am
Forum: etree Subject: Cipollina shows here at Live Music Archive are antidotes to G.D. ODs!

Hello this is my 1st post.
The taking of Waldo Point with sweet talk, hook or by crook was a revolutionary act that paralleled in some ways the taking of Alcatraz, done without making waves, at first.

One local hero actually had a day job at the Sausalito Heliport.
All he'd do at his desk was slowly open packs of Camels, cajole the tobacco by rolling and twisting the ciggies one at a time, and without tearing the empty paper cylanders, he'd tamp in finely ginched cannabis buds 1 at a time, when 20 cigs were refilled he'd reseal the cigarrette packs in their cartons... they looked like they were as new, unopened. OK, and then he would casually open a pack and have himself a "legal" smoke - that was a busy day at the job for guitarist John Cipollina of Quicksilver Messenger Service

Then we had the Red Legs.
RedLegs! I was there at least once when The RedLegs rocked the docks of Sausalito Gate parties. I think it was in 1977 when one of their women drew a long red stripe down my pants leg.
Pam Tillis picked me up in 1977 at a barge party thrown by Joe Tate's waterfront rock band the Red Legs. At the time I had no clue about her country star Daddy. Pam has long since returned to the country music, and what she brought back to it she learned from every source she could, including the talented Mel Tillis.
Back in '77 Pam 'd head for the studio rehearsals with John. I was just there listening but they made me feel at home, and other friends might bring green cheer of the highest quality, and then I saw her gigs singing scat, whatever, Freelight-style at hip hot jazz clubs.
Pam said at the time that Freelight's music was her real passion, she wasn't looking to play country music at all that year.
Another cult musician from San Francisco I'm associated with, Cyril Jordan of the legendary Flamin' Groovies, working now in a group with Prairie Prince of the Tubes; says he has several songs perfect for Pam. dig Pam's country originals and classic rock covers, in that vein, especially "When You Walk In The Room"!

Cyril's long time friend and original lead singer in the Groovies, Roy Loney, has also recorded some catchy country rock tunes on recent solo albums which Pam might wish to check out. "Ruin Your Shoes", "5 Times A Fool" and "Hey Waitress" seem perfectly suited for Pam Tillis' range and style.

They kept tourists and predators on guard, having learned from the Haight summer. Signs were posted on walkways and gang planks that warned "No Cameras"; "Go Away".
A rugged individual if there ever was one, Sterling Hayden just happened to anchor out and walk the docks in Sausalito.
Some of the craziest and most brilliant actors performing in town were Snake Theatre, known for their off-beat, hands-on tell-a-plays.
The community included eccentrics such as Buddha incarnation "Uncle" Bill, always willing to share tea and peanut butter sandwiches along with paradigms, Bill was the subject of a 3-D stereoscopic Lenny Lipton film; Uncle Bill and the Dredge Dwellers (1978, 25 minutes).
Alan Watts had an opulent office inside another one of Sausalito's beached ferry boats. We listened to him on KTIM and KSAN. Above all, he had a sharp sense of the absurd, of cosmological contradictions. His secretary kept the space open after Watts passed on.
Hank Harrison is another of the psychedelic pioneers who lived for a time along the gates of Sausalito, "doing it all for the bossa nova" as he said at a houseboat party. Hank, aka Gladstone Odduck managed a bar band in Palo Alto called The Warlocks back in mid '65. Bob Kaffke met Hank and his wife Linda in NYC in 1963, where the couple soon had my dad babysitting their 1 year old daughter Courtney Love. Their paths would cross again in 1966 at SF State Experimental College. Hank started LSD Rescue on campus:
I was the first person to ever bring anybody down from a bad acid trip on the phone. Anywhere on earth.
I invented crisis intervention for drug abuse via telephone. I trained several hundred counsellors.
Meanwhile Bob "Roberto" Kaffke was becoming known for his political correspondence and travel to forbidden zones. In Sept. 1968, Esquire magazine did a side bar about his controversial seminar on Guerrilla Warfare (see link below).
Eventually both bad pennies turned up where else, but the last bastion of crusty curmudgeons... the docks of Richardson's Bay.
Years later Bob taught me how to ride and jump and led me into horsemanship. I now own a horseranch near Sacramento and train ponies and horses, partially due to his understanding.
(italics - Hank Harrison)
All around existential athlete, well-educated adventurer and professor of sublime revolution Roberto Kaffke was no stick-in-the-mud waterfront man. go ride his horses, make plans to bus it down to La Paz, take the ferry to Mexico and meet up with the Sandanistas; never a dull moment.

Maggie Catfish, Fred's waitress in the late '70s (and still working as a waterfront singer-songwriter was as down to earth as low tide itself but she always had a glint in her clear blue eyes. Her smiling over-bite and horn rims let you know you were among friends.

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Poster: joobie Date: Jun 3, 2005 5:05pm
Forum: etree Subject: Re: Are there photos handy of the Dead's original Fender amps?

no offense but it sounds like your buddy is trying to add some dollars to what this amp is really worth. personally i would never believe it without some kind of recorded provenance.

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Poster: cream-puff-war Date: Jun 6, 2005 7:21am
Forum: etree Subject: Fresh SNATCH aroma: THE TRUE STORY!

I miss the good old days when EC comics such as original Tales From the Crypt and Weird Science 10ยข funny books were $5 each at Gary Arlington's SAN FRANCISCO COMIC BOOK CO.
Way back in early '69... the value has since gone up, far,far beyond the rate of inflation, then they were only 50 times more than their
1953 retail price.
The chances of me being able to afford one little comic book provenance of Jerry Garcia's personal collection of Tales of Terror, Haunt of Fear, Vault of Horror, Panic, MAD, Tales from the Crypt, Two-Fisted Tales, Psychoanalysis, Valor, Extra!, Fat and Slat, Moon Girl, A Moon, A Girl, A Romance; Modern Love, War Against Crime!, Crime Patrol, Crime Suspenstories, Shock Suspenstories, Incredible Science Fiction, Weird Science-Fantasy, Happy Hooligans, Picture Stories From The Bible, Frontline Combat, and Aces High comic books, even one, even if it were available, is unlikely ...
(sniffle) at present.

I was there the day Jerry Garcia walked into Gary's old comic book store that just had a certain amount of real od ECs from Gary's triples up on the wall or in his trunk... and I oogled them, trying to buy maybe one a week, plus buy some of Gary's old Uncle Scrooge comicsv at asbout $2.50 a pop...that was our dope... the smell since they were in very thin plastic bags if any, wafted through the old store.
It was the pulp paper from fesh cut logs and fibers; and espesially certain colors had eggshell in the old inks, and smelled if fresh, like breakfast for termites, mmmm,
add those old 50s funny books of the well kept Arlington collection with the then brand new 1969 fresh inks coming in straight off the presses of Don Donahue's Print Mint, and Rip Off Press, the ZAPS and Snatch Comix were positively drenched in these coated oily inks... but dry, the smell was intoxicating as it whirled and swirled in our senses... that's whats going on when you see nerds at comic cons kissing the pages....NO, they're connisuers SMELLING them, what do you think we are, the comic book guy in The Simpsons?
Hmmm, well I'll have you know, my plastic bags are bigger than Bruce's plastic bags, and thus.... but these serious thots were put away when, in walked Jerry Garcia and Rick Griffin, whom we knew, a regular customer.

Jerry kinda looked familiar to us 15 year olds and of course Griffin was the guy who brought Jerry there, some of the other underground artists probably knew him slightly.
I don't believe Gary much cared about the Dead, he really loved the Stones "Honky Tonk Women", and the straight ahead blues played on KPOO by the Chicago cats - that was what the godfather of Underground Comix listened to. not unlike some of the same things Jerry and PigPen might play besides all the bluegrass, folk and
ethnic stuff, whatever.

So, Jerry wastes no time taking down the EC near mint originals one by one.

Gary Arlington had seen the underground artists pull them out and oogle, study and swipe ideas many times, and then borrow a dime for coffee...
the typical grown EC reader wasted many an afternoon in the SF Comic Book Co., no money, no job, borrowing or selling thier old comics just to get a bottle of India ink, a speedball point (hey, not what you think!) and big coated thick sheets to fit on their makeshift easel.
Draw draw draw all nite and finally crash and burn. Back to GARY'S AT AROUND NOON, USUALLY BEATING the fat boy to his door, then maybe laving cryptic, illegible nonsense notes....which Gary would treasu7re... "Pure energy" he'd say proudly, and slip these slips into his ledgers... where they still are, 35 years later... the trend went upscale but Gary still arrives at about 1 or 2, in time for the mad rush of school kids, his regular customers, who these days buy more gum and trinkets than stuff to read. The stuff's unreadable...
It was great fun. Rent was cheap. Here's that the mainstream puts out, so we think.
And here's another wannabe, with a beard, curly long hair, a twinkle or gleam in his eyes, doing the same thing as us, taking them out of the clearvue folders stapled to the plaster or plywood dank green walls....oogling. them
Gary knew he was somebody or other, and says, "Well, you know, those are expensive now, they've gone up and sell for a lot of money."

Uh, but Jerry grinned back, saiys, "Don't worry, I'm a rich man."
and Gary humbly bags the lot, in plain paper, no boards, no plastic.
There went all the ones I planned to buy through 1972....
I mean, this was before a regular price guide, there were just mimeographed sheets and mimeographed zines with a few national dealers like Claude Helde and Howard Rogofsky who were stting the levels well above our local back room prices.
So any dealer in town at bookstores would whip out these sheets as proof of value, no condition guide or thought out anything, the back East mail order guys basically doublede the prices, it was a wide open hobby then getting kinda pricey, alienating kids without much money or stuff to trade without taking a loss...
that's tuff.
Look at it now, you're lie an ant compared to giants with huge prices that can equal homes in Mill Valley for those same comics, that have only gotten older, yellower with age, and the aroma smells of commerce: social interaction, the raggedy ass scratchlines of Jack Davis, ecstasy!

One day Jerry called me, with Steven McNalley on the line, telling me he was crying he couldn't afford to pick up my GHASTLY original monkey's pa complete story artwork,
Poor Jerry.
It was a long way down to the top, if that makes sense... he was making more money than ever before on tour, yet none... maybe he just got vtired, of supporting this vast organization year after year, barely earning a retainer, he couldn't even afford $5 ECs anymore, just a poor old rickh duck like Uncle Scrooge.

Almost like he was murdered by Tom Parker and friends, like Elvis... a trained seal, the golden goosewas killed by the holders of his company.
Jesse Block had asked politely to keep shooting and talking to Jerry right after finished filming interviews with Jerry about John Cipollina, and Louie Louie for Eric Predoehl's unreleased movie, but you can find I presume (not for sale through me)
John Cipollina Electric Guitarslinger documentary.
So, my point being that
Jerry was captured and really perked up with 6the old light in his eyes.
What a bonus - unreleased, it sits andhas sat for 13 years in the archives of Jesse Block...
The glimpse of the old Jerry raving about each of his favorite EC artists -
That footage deserves to come out, but only a few lucky ones were even shown it by Jesse.
I'm one of the few.
Jesse will talk about it, see what you can do:
it's locked up tight, sorry kids!

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Poster: cream-puff-war Date: Jun 6, 2005 5:18am
Forum: etree Subject: UNDERGROUND HEROES!

My family moved to San Francisco in February of 1967, when I was 12 years old. In comparison to the bleak industrial greyness of Chicago, San Francisco was a sunny wonderland in full swing.
My first exposure to the world of underground comics was Robert Crumb's Keep On Truckin' black light poster image of pinheaded men with cheap suits and hobnailed work boots that dictated the fashion taste of my friends and I for the next ten years.

At Lowell High School, Ken Kaffke and I first met as members of the SFFWWTC (Science Fiction, Fantasy, Witchcraft and Weird Things Club). Ken was well into all manner of comics, but was particularly focused on ECs and the new undergrounds. Frankly, up until this time, I had found undergrounds shocking and well-nigh incomprehensible. Ken helped me to understand where the artists were coming from, how to appreciate and revel in the artistic technique and blatant sexuality. Family Life (Lowell's euphemistic course title for Sex Education) was augmented for me off-campus by Crumb's gritty and seemingly realer-than-accurate depictions of female anatomy. With Ken's help, I amassed a complete collection of Zap Comix, plus plenty of other essential underground titles of the time.
My first Grateful Dead show, which I attended with Ken at Winterland in late 1969, was a revelation. Suddenly I understood how a rock and roll band worked, and I knew that I was going to be a musician. I went home and picked up my guitar again, which I had abandoned a year and a half before at the ripe old age of 14.
At this time, underground comics, the San Francisco rock bands, and the counter-culture were inextricably intertwined with each other in our daily lives. This association was helped along by Big Brother and the Holding Company's classic Cheap Thrills album cover (Crumb again), and the since-very-famous-and valuable Fillmore concert posters, which were drawn by many of the other underground artists of the time.

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Poster: glenn Date: Jun 4, 2005 12:47am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: Are there photos handy of the Dead's original Fender amps?

this thread smells like commerce to me

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Poster: Ole Uncle John Date: Jun 4, 2005 3:11am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: Are there photos handy of the Dead's original Fender amps?

Ya c'mon man this ain't E-BAY.

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Poster: cream-puff-war Date: Jun 5, 2005 10:21pm
Forum: etree Subject: Re: Are there photos handy of the Dead's original Fender amps?

Get a horse!

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Poster: Olo Date: Jun 5, 2005 9:12pm
Forum: etree Subject: Re: Are there photos handy of the Dead's original Fender amps?

Relax cream puff...folks are hyper sensitive in this Oil Era (1973-????)
I enjoyed your Zappy rambling.
Not sure if this is the exact forum for such.. try then go to "DNC"...many, many rooms for discourse for one and all
See ya' on The Flying Eyeball Express

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Poster: direwolf0701 Date: Jun 6, 2005 7:19am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: Are there photos handy of the Dead's original Fender amps?

at least his typing was better on that latest rant :)